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Shepherd is the only software created by a practicing veterinarian who knows what you need to be successful. Practices using Shepherd’s cloud-based Veterinary Experience Technology™ earn
13% to 20% more revenue, save hours completing medical records, and do away with the busy work. Shepherd is the all-in-one software to manage your practice, but it’s not just another PiMS!

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Save Time, Capture Charges, Eliminate Errors,

Shepherd is the most intuitive software in existence. Practices using Shepherd’s cloud-based Veterinary Experience Technology earn 13% to 20% more revenue, save hours completing medical records, and do away with the busy work.

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For anyone who is looking at new software, we just got Shepherd and are IN LOVE!!! It’s exactly what I would have created if I could magically tell a computer how to make my life easier as a doctor and practice owner! Honestly, this software does everything a busy doctor wishes their software would do, records are basically complete as you finish with each client, go home instructions and client information sheets automatically loaded for printing or emailing to client at check out, and the support is amazing. So so happy with Shepherd! Dr. Melissa Best

Veterinarian and Practice Owner, Tranquila Vet

The Proof is in the Data.


Records are Complete at End of Appointment


Increase in Revenue


Missed Charges Captured


Decrease in Staffing Costs

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Benefits of Shepherd


With templates, treatment plans, and automatic discharge instructions, the entire hospital flow is simplified to improve efficiency.


Shepherd ensures that not a single charge is lost. With the treatment whiteboard and flow sheet feature, if it’s in the medical record, it’s on the invoice, automatically!


Shepherd automatically calculates drug dosages, based on the doctor’s orders.

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Vets Love Us

Shepherd was very easy to assimilate into our clinic. My employees picked it up right away, and I spend very little time adding charges or charting. I also like the idea of supporting a new and growing business just like my own. Everyone is very helpful and I feel that we have a shared goal in making Shepherd a perfect program. They take your feedback seriously, unlike the other big companies. I would recommend Shepherd because it’s just so easy to use. A clinic can be up and running on day one with it!

Dr. Sabari Haviland

Veterinarian and Practice Owner, Avenue Veterinary Clinic

Shepherd is so easy to use and the learning curve was so efficient. I really love the estimates! They enable you to easily give a fair range to the clients. Uploading pictures, x-rays, and bloodwork is really easy, which is highly important. I highly recommend it because it’s so user friendly.

Shannon Walser

Certified Veterinary Technician, Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital

I highly recommend Shepherd! My favorite feature has to be the user friendliness. It will save business owners a ton of money and ensure appropriate charges get entered, save doctors and staff a huge amount of time, and provide professional records for clients and other veterinarians. Dr. Emily Fukuzato

Veterinarian, Emerald City Emergency Clinic

My experience with Shepherd has been priceless… I would highly recommend it for its ease of use and customer support. Best of all they are building it to fit the needs of veterinarians in practice!

Dr. Ryan Farmer

Veterinarian and Practice Owner, Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic

I would absolutely recommend Shepherd! It is easy to learn, fast to chart, takes out redundancy, and makes creating discharge instructions quick. I firmly believe all clients should be sent with discharge instructions and it often does not happen in practices due to the time it takes to create them. Shepherd is the most straight forward software I have ever used. As a relief doctor, I have to use many different systems. I now find myself in different hospitals wishing they had Shepherd. The ease and speed of use is unmatched! Dr. Sheena Christensen

Relief Veterinarian

My first experience with the Shepherd was when I worked an emergency relief shift. Myself, two other technicians and the doc we’re all relief staff that had never used this software before. All of the regular staff left us and we were nervous being all relief staff holding down the fort with charting, charges, imaging transfer and lab downloads. We had no questions all night and it was by far the easiest, user-friendly, detailed, yet simple layout we have ever used. It’s also fun to upload photos of patients! If only for the ease of use, I recommend using Shepherd!

Lindsey Moecia

Veterinary Technician

The best result of using Shepherd is less stress. It was easy to train on, and there are constant improvements being made. Anytime we have an issue there is a quick response by the developers. The ease of use has to be the best feature! Best software I’ve worked with in 20+ years in the field! Keep up the good work.

Julie Mumford

Certified Veterinary Technician, Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital

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Veterinary Experience

V.E.T.™ is not a practice management software…

It’s so much more.

We’ve thrown away the old PiMS model, and replaced it with technology that is intuitive and requires virtually no training.

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