What is

Veterinary Experience

V.E.T.™ is not a practice management software… It’s so much more. We’ve thrown away the old PiMS model, and replaced it with technology that is intuitive and requires virtually no training. From the simple charting, to the automatic capture of charges, and the beautiful discharge instructions, these are just some of the features that make Shepherd stand out from the rest!

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help the industry, and specifically help veterinarians, reclaim their lives and passion.

 Having worked in every aspect of the business, from veterinary assistant, to 24/7 Emergency Practice Owner, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We’re here to change the industry for the better, because we love vets.

I would absolutely recommend Shepherd! It is easy to learn, fast to chart, takes out redundancy, and makes creating discharge instructions quick. I firmly believe all clients should be sent with discharge instructions and it often does not happen in practices due to the time it takes to create them. Shepherd is the most straight forward software I have ever used. As a relief doctor, I have to use many different systems. I now find myself in different hospitals wishing they had Shepherd. The ease and speed of use is unmatched! Dr. Sheena Christensen

Relief Veterinarian

Our Team

Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVSMT

Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Barnes is the founder and CEO of Shepherd Software, Inc. She is also the Medical Director of the first 24/7 emergency animal hospital in Northern Arizona. After spending over two decades working in the veterinary field, Dr. Barnes knows what truly drives the industry, and it’s not mastering the practice’s internal problem of the week. It’s how well you connect with and are able to improve the lives of pets and their people, your team members and the veterinarians who have all dedicated their lives to the human-animal bond.

Kirk Castro

Co-Founder and Head of Ops

Kirk is a design thinker turned entrepreneur with experience in both creative and business environments. Kirk has worked with brands such as Hurley, Oakley, Microsoft, and Nike. He is passionate about creating the most simple and effective experience for the veterinary industry.
Joy Fuhrman, DVM, MBA, CPA

Joy Fuhrman, DVM, MBA, CPA

Director of Finance and Operations

Originally from South Africa, Dr. Fuhrman has more than a decade of experience in financial consulting and corporate accounting. A graduate of Colorado State University’s combined MBA/DVM program, she brings with her a combination of veterinary practice management, financial analysis, business valuation, professional development and leadership training skills.
Amber Pistone

Amber Pistone

Customer Experience

Amber actively worked in the veterinary field for over 10 years as an Assistant, Technician, CSR and Practice Manager. Since leaving daily practice, she has continued to work closely with the industry through relief shifts, marketing and web design. She is intimately familiar with the needs of a veterinary practice and is passionate about helping improve the industry as a whole.
Jon Fetveit

Jon Fetveit

Board Member & Advisor

Jon is an experienced businessman in the technology industry. As Chief Strategy Officer, he was instrumental in the formation and operation of United Online, a diversified public Internet company with multiple well-known online brands including NetZero, Juno and Classmates and over $500 million in annual revenues.  Since moving to Montana in 2007, Jon has been a full-time investor focused on private and small cap technology companies.

Work with Us!

Shepherd is always looking for talented people to join our team. Check out our open jobs or send us an email to jobs@shepherdapp.com with your resume and how you could make the team at Shepherd even better!