Case Study


All Records Completed

During the case study, all records were finished by the time the doctor finished their shift, pending labwork.

This was a huge success, and had huge impacts on doctor happiness, client satisfaction, and staffing costs. No more record backlogs!

Saved Doctor Time

Previously, Doctors would write out notes for themselves as they went through their day. During breaks, which were few and far between, they would try and input those notes into records. In reality, they would end up staying hours after the end of a shift.

Using Shepherd, Doctors reported leaving the practice 2 hours earlier, on average, per shift. They no longer had to stay and complete records for patients throughout the day, and had time for life outside the practice!

Increase in Revenue

At PAPEH, the average increase in revenue over the course of 6 months was 13% after switching to Shepherd.

With Shepherd, you automatically capture all charges and you ensure not a single item gets missed! Not only does the doctor save time on records, but the staff no longer has to spend time putting together a complete invoice at the end of the visit. Studies show practices miss $60,000+ in revenue per year per full time doctor due to missed charges. 

Staffing Costs

The number one feature that PAPEH commented on, wasn’t even a feature at all. They praised Shepherd’s ease of use above all.

As a result, PAPEH saw a huge decrease in staffing costs, as percentage of revenue, due to less time catching up at the end of a shift, and more time working with patients. Staff were also able to get more done during their shifts.

  • Feb 2017 5% 5%
  • March 2017 4% 4%
  • April 2017 4% 4%
  • May 2017 3% 3%
  • Feb 2017 5% 5%
  • March 2017 4% 4%
  • April 2017 4% 4%
  • May 2017 3% 3%
The best result of using Shepherd is less stress. It was easy to train on, and there are constant improvements being made. Anytime we have an issue there is a quick response by the developers. The ease of use has to be the best feature! Best software I’ve worked with in 20+ years in the field! Keep up the good work. Julie Mumford, CVT

Certified Veterinary Technician, Prescott Area Pet Emergency Hospital

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