Shepherd Software is disrupting the veterinary PiMS space with intuitive new Veterinary Experience Technology™ – V.E.T.

Improving every aspect of the veterinary hospital flow by streamlining the SOAP process, and auto-capturing charges to increase revenues.

Cindy Barnes, DVM, CVMST, CEO and Co-Founder of Shepherd Software, Inc., announces the release of Shepherd V1.0, Veterinary Experience Technology™ (V.E.T.), a cloud-based software. Veterinary Experience Technology™ is unlike anything on the market today. Shepherd has thrown away the old PiMS model, and replaced it with technology that is intuitive and requires virtually no training. Shepherd is a complete practice solution. Selecting a traditional Practice Management Software has been time consuming and expensive. Shepherd removes those barriers and is the only software you can start using on day one. The need for costly on-site training is gone, and labor-intensive set-up is eliminated. Shepherd is proven to increase revenue, improve hospital flow, and save time!

Save Time: With templates, treatment plans, and automatic discharge instructions, the entire hospital flow is simplified to improve efficiency.

Capture Charges: Shepherd ensures that not a single charge is lost. With the treatment whiteboard and flow sheet feature, if it’s in the medical record, it’s on the invoice!

Eliminate Errors: Shepherd automatically calculates drug dosages, based on the doctor’s orders.

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The Shepherd team isn’t stopping there. User enhancements, additional features and integrations will roll out faster than any previous PiMS. This is due to the vision and commitment of Dr. Cindy Barnes, to improve the lives of veterinarians and animals they care for. Shepherd Software is the only veterinary software company with a female CEO that is a practicing veterinarian, “…we don’t just work on the industry, we work in the industry.” She has hand-picked her team of veterinary professionals to ensure Shepherd users get more than just a software system, they have access to an entire veterinary ecosystem. “I believe today’s veterinarians are capable of building sustainable, profitable practices, that allow for the entire veterinary team to thrive. Given the right tools, the quality of life for everyone, from the vet to the pet, improves.” Kirk Castro, Shepherd Software, Inc. co-founder, has been vital in bringing to life Dr. Barnes’ vision. Kirk not only has an incredible eye and ability for design, but has also cultivated his development team to work synchronously with Shepherd’s veterinary team. The result? Veterinary Experience Technology™.

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